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Ceras Roura


our beginnings

Ceras Roura is a family-owned company that has been dedicated to candle manufacturing for over 100 years. The experience and craftsmanship of its founders have been passed down from generation to generation, transforming the current company into a market leader for its automation and professionalism, manufacturing and selling all kinds of wax candles and accessories.

Ceras Roura


the craft

It was not until the Middle Ages that virgin wax was introduced for candle making. Until then, oil or tallow was used because wax, which provided more light without smoke or unpleasant odors, was much more expensive. This gave rise to the craft of the chandler, with a product initially aimed only at the wealthier classes and liturgical rituals.

Tapers were made by dipping wicks hanging from a lathe into liquid wax, as shown in our seal. It was the use of molds and the discovery of paraffin in the 19th century - a much cheaper wax than the original one - that extended its use and gave rise to an industry that has never lost the tradition and craftsmanship rooted in its origins.

Ceras Roura


the evolution

Today, Ceras Roura is the leading candle manufacturer in the country. Throughout our journey to leadership, we have always been accompanied by a passion for doing good work, as well as the experience and perseverance of five generations of the same family.

In addition to technological advancements, it has been the social changes that have been decisive in the progression of our industry. Over the years, the meaning and use that consumers have given to the product have changed dramatically. Candles have acquired a status of multi-sensory objects that project light and also aroma, capable of creating environments.



The basic materials for the manufacturing of our candles are of high quality to ensure good combustion, without smoke, residue, and unpleasant odors. We use refined paraffin, vegetable oils, the finest essences soluble in paraffin, pigment-based colorants, and pure bleached and waxed cotton wick.

Ceras Roura is part of the Board of Directors of the ASSOCIATION EUROPEAN CANDLE MAKERS, based in Brussels. This organization is composed of the leading European candle manufacturers and oversees the quality and safety standards set by the E.E.C. to offer consumers guaranteed products.


  • Reception and storage of liquid paraffin and vegetable oils in insulated tanks
  • Preparation of formulations incorporating colorants and perfumes.
  • Transformation of the liquid into powder through a spray and cooling process on water-cooled rotating cylinders at 4ºC.
  • Aspiration of the powdered paraffin for pressing or extruding, depending on the type of candles to be manufactured.
  • Other products are obtained through molding machines, aluminum molds, and immersion baths.
  • The final finishing of the product, which can be scented, metallized, etc., is achieved through coloring or varnishing - Automatic line for filling all types of containers.
  • Finally, after being labeled and packaged, the items are boxed and sent to the finished product warehouse, refrigerated at 23ºC.